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The ultimate goal was to create a golf experience similar to the typical (inland) links courses. A links course is characterized by a rolling landscape, dunes and grasses that require a poor dry soil. High rough and deep bunkers are among the obstacles that need to be overcome. The lack of trees and a location nearby the North Sea, make the never ending wind an important factor. The dehydration and discoloration in dry periods is inherent to a links course. A striking contrast with other types of golf courses (think Augusta) where many trees, dark green fairways, greens and neatly trimmed garden landscapes in the rough determine the image.

The latter is a very well-known picture in Belgium. Koksijde however offers a totally different experience: a "Lean and Mean" course. Minimal fertilization and little irrigation should ensure pale, sometimes even yellow fairways and semi rough. High grasses in the rough and hardly any trees influence the view. The fast, sloping greens are guarded by deep bunkers. Compared with the many parkland courses in Belgium, a links course sometimes gives a "sloppy" impression. For amateurs however, mastering that course represents the ultimate golf challenge.

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