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Koksijde Golf Ter Hille is managed within the communal administration by the autonomous municipal company, an external independent agency:

  • Chairman: Mayor Marc Van den Bussche
  • Vice-President: Mr. Philip Cammaert
  • Members: Stéphanie Anseeuw, Bieke Dalle, Luc Deltombe, Jan Loones, Albert Serpieters
  • Secretary: Mr. Jan Deramoudt

Executive committee:

  • Jan Deramoudt (Director)
  • Minke Devroye (Coordinator)
  • Wendy Debaillie (Administrative Assistant)
  • Pascale Alleweireldt (Administrative Assistant)
  • Chantal Gaspard (Administrative Assistant)
  • Yana Blankers (Administrative Assistant)

Technical staff:

  • all employees operate under the supervision of head greenkeeper Ahmet Koc

Sports committee:

  • captain: Mr. Luc Goeminne
  • junior captain: Mr. Pieter Popeye
  • ladies captain: Mrs. Chantal Dewinter
  • mens captain: Mr. Youri Legein
  • rabbits captain: Mrs. Kaat Lemahieu
  • senior captain: Mr. Erwin Willemyns
  • young adults captain: Mr. Charles Cattoir

The Proshop is operated by Sports and Sparks NV.

The catering is operated by P&Q Culinair.